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What do we offer you?

We offer you a different, motivator and adapted personal training to get your goals as soon as possible, mixed with security and effectiveness.

Who are we?

We are a young, dynamic, and in continuous training professional group, whose main objective is to get our pupils´ goals. With a varied methodology from classic training to modern ones.

We have flexible schedules depending on our customers needs; in order to be more comfortable for you we provide you the opportunity to arrange home services (home training) in Alicante.

Do no doubt and look for your personal trainer in Alicante.

Have you proposed a new goal and you do not know how to reach it?

With our personal trainer in Alicante you will be in the best hands. We can provide you more information if you like.

Our services

Physical Exercise adapted to you. We can help to you with a lot and amazing exercises.

We offer special exercises and diet (with a nutricionist) to improve your health. A different form to lose weight.

Directed for those people who want maximum comfort and do not have time to travel to a sports center.

We move to different municipalities in the province of Alicante (check availability of travel), conducting personal training both at home and outdoors.

Using different material resources we will make fun and enjoyable sessions that help achieve our personal goals.

¿Do you have pain in your back? We can help you with specifical exercises. We improve the musculature of your back doing differents type of exercises and working in differents movement planes.

Aimed at those people who do not have time but want to exercise autonomously in a safe and controlled manner.

Do not have time to move to our center?

Do you have complicated schedules and want to make the most of your time?

Do you want to train at home or outdoors independently and safely?

With our online personal trainer you will receive a monthly planning of your training, adapted and prioritizing your objectives.

First we will make a first initial assessment of your current physical condition and during the development of the program we will make a weekly call to follow your evolution and sports performance, supporting you at all time.

MAT and Reformer Pilates.

Member of Sports and Science Degree number 54437
Full services could be at home.

Why train with us?


  • 5 star review  Grandísimo entrenador, ponte en sus manos y lograrás tu objetivo, brevedad y maxima eficacia en sus entrenos

    thumb Sergio Lopez

    5 star review  Pau es un profesional muy cualificado. Sus clases son personalizadas, con riesgo muy bajo de lesión, adapatadas a cada condición física. En mi caso, adecuadas al post-parto y tras una época de inactividad. 100% recomendable!!

    thumb Gema Martos

    5 star review  Lo que más valoro de Pau es el enfoque de entrenamiento personal centrado en la salud. Mis continuas lumbalgias han pasado a la historia con tus entrenamientos. Gracias Pau

    thumb Alfonso Navarro
  • 5 star review  Trabajar con Pau es una maravilla, da gusto tratar con profesionales como él, lo recomiendo totalmente.

    thumb Esperanza Cubero

    5 star review  This is a great personal training experience. Classes in English or Spanish and the trainers are excellent. We had Pau and Vicente who I would both recommend to anyone wanting to see results in 10 weeks! Muchas gracias. Ed

    thumb Ed Pakenham

    5 star review  Absoluta profesionalidad y dedicación.Consigue motivarte en cada sesión hasta conseguir que superes todas tus expectativas.De lo mejor de la terreta!!!!

    thumb Jorge Galvañ Grau
  • 5 star review  Con el entrenamiento de Pilates con Pau, gané fuerza, flexibilidad y control corporal. Totalmente recomendable.

    thumb Ana Sala

    5 star review  Hace 4 meses me diagnosticaron 2 hernias discales....llevaba 3 años sin poder hacer vida normal, siempre medicada y sintiéndome muy impotente por no poder realizar tan siquiera cosas sencillas de la vida cotidiana.Estos últimos años mi vida se basaba en llevar cuidado pero a la mínima tenía recaidas y las últimas fueron muy fuertes, quien tiene lo mismo que yo sabrá de que dolores hablo.Fui a un fisio pero nunca quedé asintomática y el tratamiento tampoco fue bueno para mi.Hace 4 meses leí un comentario de un amigo en una red social en el que hablaba de Pau, conforme iba leyendo me preguntaba....podrá ayudarme a mi?? no dude en ponerme en contacto con Pau.Pues ya han pasado 4 meses desde que conoci a Pau.....y estoy sin dolor y sin a desvelado el tratamiento para mis hernias, me a explicado todas mis dudas y me a dado muchos consejos que seguí desde el minuto 0.Al estar asintomática he podido hacer entrenamientos Hist....una pasada!!!entrenamientos duros pero Pau los hace divertidos.Recomiendo a Pau a cualquier persona que crea que su probelma no tiene solución...él te la dará.Gracias Pau.

    thumb Marian Montarroso

    5 star review  Excelente entrenador! Sabe lo que hace en cada momento y se desplaza a tu domicilio si hace falta. Lo hemos pasado genial con el grupo.

    thumb Eduardo SG

Our job

Personal training

Little groups

Home training


We have worked with the best physiotherapists in Alicante since 2009.
In every job we have learned which is the most important thing: YOU!

Alfonso Navarro

Bachelor of Medicine from Miguel Hernández University (UMH Elche)

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Alicante University General Hospital

Master in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and Echo-guided Interventionism. CEU San Pablo Andalucía
Associate teacher at the Miguel Hernández University. Department of Surgery and Pathology


Pau Sala

Physical Education Degree. Alicante University. Health Specialist
Mastery in Mechanical Exercise – Resistance Institute Barcelona
HIST certified (High Intensity Strength Training) Resistance Institute Barcelona
Personal Trainer by NSCA
MAT JUMPSTART upper body and back spine
Back Pain prevention (Spanish Back School)
Pilates MAT and Reformer Specialist

Víctor Toledo

Degree in Pharmacy (2013-Present). Complutense University of Madrid
Expert Course in Sports Training, Sports Nutrition and Injury Readaptation (ICNS)High Performance
Anthropometry Course


Special programs

Next we present you and we describe you MORE DETAILLY in WHAT ARE our EXCLUSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS, DIFFERENCES AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES (ask us about special conditions and offers)

Get fit safely and without injuries

Do you want to get fit but do not know what exercises can be beneficial or harmful to your health?

Are you afraid of hurting yourself?

Do you want to learn the right technique of the classical fitness exercises?

Do not hesitate and ask about which training plan is best suited to you, with a specific program and adapted to your needs.

Because we believe that each training must be differentiated and individualized, adapted not only to the personal goals of each client, but also to the physical characteristics of each client.

For this we will carry out a preliminary evaluation where we will set the objectives of our client, to subsequently make a report (anamnesis) where we will review the previous sport experience as well as any injury or previous relevant aspects.

The program of the two F, strength and flexibility, fundamental factors for your quality life.

Do you notice that you have lost flexibility?

Do you want to improve your strength in a controlled and safe way?

With this exercises plan we will achieve a significant improvement of a basic physical qualities. And it is that we believe fundamental and essential a good work of base of the force that helps us to improve our flexibility.

These exercises will provide us with such benefits, providing us with a significant improvement in the mobility and structural integrity of our joints.

To do this, we will apply different methodologies and disciplines, including Pilates, to gradually contribute to our program exercises of greater technical complexity and specific specificity.

Program focused on people from 55 years of age, taking into account the physiological adaptations and metabolic changes from this age

Are you starting to have joint discomfort? Do you want to resume exercise?

All this is possible, thanks to our program +55.

This program consists of a series of exercises that will help not only improve your muscle mass gain but also improve your cardiovascular health and try to create healthy lifestyle habits.

In order to do this, from the very beginning we will be able to motivate you and set realistic goals, knowing that from this age, physical adaptations require special attention and study.

For this reason we believe it is vital to create a program that helps improve the quality of life of our customers, in an appropriate and controlled, always supervised by a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports to help and support a differentiating and quality training.

Specific exercises of ABDOMINAL AND PARAVERTEBRAL REINFORCEMENT to alleviate your back pain.

Do you have back discomfort? 

Has your doctor recommended you exercise but do not know what they are and how to do them?

Nowadays, the back fitness program is one of the most demanded by our clients. And is that… Who has not suffered any kind of discomfort in his back?

There are many elements that influence such annoyances, from a poor posture derived from our day to day work,pathologies or a low muscular tone.

With our specific exercise program of the abdominal muscles and with the use of our latest technology machinery we will help you significantly improve your back discomfort and improve postural hygiene.

We differentiate between the program of weight loss between 4-6 kg, with a duration of 2 months and ANOTHER of weight loss for those people who have set their goal in a weight loss of MORE THAN 10 kg.

Do you want to create healthy eating habits?

Have you set an ideal weight as goal but do not know how to achieve it?

Through our weight program we will alternate strength exercises with cardiovascular work that will help to increase our basal metabolism (caloric consumption at rest) and thus we will reach our goal in a safe and healthy way.

We have a program of 2 MONTHS for those people who want to lose between 4-6 kg, teaching habits and giving guidelines of healthy eating, with the purpose that the weight loss does not remain in something eventual, but in a CONSOLIDATION AND CREATION OF A REAL AND HEALTHY HABIT.

We have ANOTHER OPTION, aimed at those who want to make a weight loss greater than 10kg, program from which work would be differentiated and we would have a multidisciplinary support team (nutritionist or endocrine, if required) and where the treatment, as far as exercise is concerned, would be more progressive and trying to focus the work on large muscle groups and reducing the work of joint impact (initially).

An INNOVATIVE and different program that will add VALUE ADDED TO YOUR COMPANY.

Do you want to increase the performance of your employees and reduce the likelihood of sick leave?

Do you want to achieve a dynamic and motivational work environment through group work and dynamics?

This program arises from the latest trend in the USA to perform physical exercise in groups, with the aim of not only increasing the performance and motivation of employees, but also as an element that helps differentiate or distinguish team leaders and provide us information about future roles of our work teams.

Even so, and from our point of view, we believe that improving the quality of life of the employees of any company is priceless, not only from the point of view of their health (fundamental cause) but also by the motivational aspect, of going to work at ease and in this way, create a pleasant working environment and greater personal and group performance.


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    Hours​: From monday to friday 8,00 am to 21,00 pm


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